Many people in the Alpharetta area have barns without pole barn lighting. It is still fairly common to see pole barns with no artificial lighting or traditional sodium lights installed. Both options can lead to unsafe situations.

Pole barns have many dark nooks and crannies and often have sharp objects stored in them. Sharp objects plus dark areas is a recipe for injury. To prevent potentially dangerous conditions, you should have a lighting system installed. It is especially important to get these lights installed before winter, as the days are shorter and nights are longer. The pole barn will be left through those long nights without natural or artificial lighting unless you have an electrician install illumination now.

What Type of Pole Barn Lighting Should You Have Installed?

Here are the options:

● Fluorescent Lights. Fluorescent lights are a good option for a relatively small space, especially if the ceilings are low. Fluorescent lights are cheap to buy and run. They are also fairly energy efficient, which means your electrical bill will be lower.

● Halide Lights. While fluorescent lights have long been popular for many residential and commercial applications, halide lights are relatively new. They have been around a few years but are not as common as fluorescent lights due to their more specialized nature. Though halide lights are stronger than fluorescent lights, they do have a few drawbacks. They are more expensive to buy and operate, and they take a while to reach full power after being turned on. Nonetheless, they’re likely the best option for large pole barns because of their power.

● T5 Lights. T5 lights are quickly becoming popular for those willing to spend a little more money. They aren’t too widespread yet because they haven’t been on the market for as long as some other types of lights. However, those that do have them note several benefits that T5 lights have over other options. T5 lights put a significant amount of light, and the quality of this light is excellent. Objects look better under the T5 light, as the coloring of the light is closer to natural light. If you have a few extra bucks to spend and want your pole barn to look as good as possible, T5 lights are an excellent choice for pole barn lighting.

● HID Lights. You might think that HID lights are only for fancy cars. However, HID interior lights are available as well. They last much longer than fluorescents and use less electricity. They also tolerate adverse conditions better.

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