Electrical Panel Upgrade

 Electrical Panel UpgradeSometimes an electrical panel upgrade is needed at your home or business. The reason? Damage can take place and problems can come up with electrical systems. The panel is central to the system. Incorrect wiring or an outdated system can cause problems with modern appliances and equipment. An upgrade can help you make sure your electric is safe and working properly.

At Bryan Electric, we have qualified and experienced electricians who can perform this service at your residential or business setting. When you need an electrical panel upgrade, you should only hire electrical experts.

Why is an Electrical Panel Upgrade Needed?

Modern electrical systems have complicated wiring. When the wiring setup is outdated or not performed correctly, you can have damage and problems. For example:

  • You can end up with weakened power to your outlets and lights.
  • Your system could become overloaded.
  • The problem could even ruin your appliances or business equipment.
  • Your environment could become unsafe.

You’ll see signs that your panel needs an upgrade. Your lights might have less brightness when you use an appliance. Your circuit breakers might trip consistently.  You might be resorting to using extension cords to get the extra outlets you need.

An upgrade makes your electrical service panels work better in a variety of ways. It can keep your home’s power working consistently. In a business environment, an upgrade can prevent further problems that interfere with operations. This kind of fix can make sure your lights and outlets always have enough power. You can even save money on electric costs with a more efficient system.

How an Electrical Panel Fix Helps

Older electrical systems have a wiring setup that is not compatible with newer technology. Also, many systems in place have been damaged over time. They might not have been set up properly to begin with.

An electrical panel upgrade gives your home or business more power from your service provider. This helps when you have added appliances or structures that need extra power. Upgrading the electrical service panels provides extra power for your system, so it can distribute power to the equipment that needs it.

You can also have a safer and better-working system through an upgrade. This is a good time to replace outdated or problematic circuit breakers or panels. An upgrade might include switching the circuit breaker box and meter, so the whole system works right.

Updating an Electrical Panel: Who Should Handle the Task for You?

At Bryan Electric, we have expert electricians who can perform an electrical panel upgrade. We can evaluate your system to see if you simply need maintenance or if your panel needs an upgrade.

Does the power in your home or business not distribute properly? Allow us to assess your system. If we discover you need an electrical panel upgrade, we can put our expertise to work for you to connect your home or business with safer, more effective power. Set up an appointment for an evaluation by calling (770) 680-2144 to reach our team of experts at Bryan Electric, Inc.