Although everything might seem hectic during a new construction project, the breaker panel installation can’t just happen at any given time. There has to be some order to the chaos — especially when it comes to the electrical work.

If you have a new construction project going on, you might be wondering when you should start worrying about the breaker panel installation. An experienced electrician can undoubtedly get the job done, but when do you need to find one? The construction process involves several different phases, which need to happen in a certain order for the sake of both efficiency and safety. Keep reading to learn about the right timing for this particular aspect of the electrical work.

How Soon into Construction Is a Breaker Panel Installed?

Among builders, the construction process falls into two different stages. The wet phase is so-named because the house’s interior is open to the elements; rain and snow can still get in, as there’s nothing to protect the inside from the weather. The dry phase, predictably enough, is when protective measures have been taken to keep the snow and rain from getting inside.

The first stage of electrical work, which involves providing the job-site with temporary power, takes place towards the beginning of the project. However, for obvious reasons, the majority of a new construction’s electrical work will happen during the dry stage.

Among electricians, there is a different set of phases during which various types of work happen. These stages, known as the rough in and the finish, are based around the walls of the house and whether or not they are complete.

In Which Phase Does the Breaker Panel Installation Take Place?

During the dry phase, after the installation of the plumbing pipes, the second stage of electrical work begins. This is part of the ‘rough in’ phase, and it must be complete before reaching the next stage. After installing the sheetrock, tasks like moving or installing panels and accessing wiring, become much more difficult.

For this reason, you have to complete the breaker panel installation during this phase. You also need to install electrical boxes, panels, and wiring connections in their designated positions. After the sheetrock goes up, that is when surface elements like switches and receptacles will be set up. Although you can still alter the wiring at this point, it is much more difficult to achieve with the walls now mostly sealed off.

An electrician with experience in new construction will know all of this and will also know how to get their work done without getting in the way of the various other crews that will be present. For more information concerning breaker panel installation and the best timing for them, contact our team of experts at Bryan Electric at (770) 680-2144.